How to Clarify Your Goals in Life

How to Clarify Your Goals in Life

You might be a lucky person and already know what your dreams are and how you can fulfil them. However, most people are a bit lost when it comes to this, and need some help to get there. If you’re one of them, these are some of helpful techniques that will make you see your own goals clearer.

  1. The Huck and Tom Technique


Just like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer stood at their own funeral imagine your own funeral where you hide and listen to what other people are saying about you.


Think about what you would like them to say about you.


Then, think what their actual words would be.


You have one goal here and that is to decrease the difference between these two concepts.


  1. Desert Island Everything


This idea is based on a BBC programme called Desert Island Discs that was a famous show, running for a long time. The celebrities were asked what they would take with them to a desert island. This included a book, eight pieces of music they would choose, along with one luxury. This particular technique was expanded from this idea based on this show programme.


Imagine that you are confronted by some powerful force and you have to make a choice. Absolutely everything about you is in question your possessions, relationships, work, dreams and your core values. You can only keep ten of those things.


Start by writing “I have…” and write the things that define you now. Write as many of these ideas as you can think of in 20 minutes.

Afterwards, choose ten things from this list those that are most meaningful in your life. Do this in 20 minutes.

The third part, which also takes 20 minutes, is the final part and makes a total of one hour. This is the time in which you will reflect upon the following things:

  • Read the long list and contemplate about your goals and wishes
  • Read the short list and contemplate about your goals and wishes
  • Think about what you currently have but can live without
  • Think about what you need to put more efforts in
  • Think about what might be missing from your life that you need


  1. The Perfect Day

Three Female Friends Taking Selfie Whilst Making Breakfast

Try to picture a most perfect day in your life. With whom are you spending the day? What is happening throughout the day and what enables you to do the thing you do? This technique will make you more insightful about your wishes and goals.


  1. The Awesome List
Mid adult woman, writing to do list
Mid adult woman, writing to do list

This technique was an idea created by Catherine Caine at Be Awesome Online. Write a list that is completely free from any restrictions and rules what would your most awesome life be like? When you imagine your most awesome life imaginable, conclude which of the things from the life of your dreams are achievable right now.


  1. The Wise Advisor


In order to properly do this exercise, you need to stop your critical thinking and get into a trance-like state. You need to be completely relaxed.


Try taking several deep breaths and while exhaling try to become more and more relaxed. Once you reached this relaxed state imagine you are standing at the top of a set of ten stairs and start coming down slowly. You enter a state of deep relaxation and start drifting in your thoughts.


Now, you should focus all your attention to answer one question only what would be the best piece of advice I could give myself?


At this point you should be able to let your inner advisor speak to you. Shut off your critical thinking, your rational judgement and let the innermost part of yourself speak to you.


Some people say that they had a mental image of a person or an animal during this exercise, while others only heard a voice.


When you come back to being fully alert, write down the words of your inner advisor.


These techniques will bring you closer to what you truly desire in life. You’ll become aware of what you need to change and how to do it.